Cut ties with traditional software and server pricing models when it comes to your SAP BI needs.

Protiviti’s Amazon Cloud offering lets you host SAP’s BusinessObjects AMI in the cloud giving you the flexibility, speed and security you need without the infrastructure, personnel or long-term financial commitment typically associated with traditional licensing models.

Want to purchase, install and utilize SAP BO licenses on Amazon servers by the end of the day? Protiviti’s AWS offering can do that!

Want to pay-as-you-go for actual usage instead of buying perpetual software licenses with a large initial cost plus annual support and maintenance fees? We’ve got you covered!

Our subscription-based, pre-configured licensing options have pricing plans for named users and concurrent. You can start at 5 users and go all the way to 75 users. If you need an option for more users, we can discuss developing a custom offering just for you.

The pre-configured options provide two levels of support so you can choose the amount of help you need.


Protiviti AWS BO Licensing Options:

Users Named Licenses Concurrent Licenses Support Options
5 Standard & Premium
10 Standard & Premium
25 Standard & Premium
75 Premium Only

Standard Support provides AWS Support through their 24x7x365 fast-response channel. SAP BO support is not included, but may be purchased on a per incident basis.

Premium Support offers SAP BO support Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST, up to 10 incidents per month. It also provides 4 hours of configuration, AMI upgrade assistance as well as AWS support 24x7x365.

But how do you decide which types of licenses to buy?

Understanding the difference between Concurrent and Named licenses is the first step. Named licenses are tied to a specific person while concurrent licenses are tied to the total number of users that can use the system at one time.

It is also important to understand that a typical concurrency rate for usage is 10-20% of total users.

For instance, if you have 100 users who need to interact with data and build content through a browser, you can estimate that a 10 user concurrent licensing plan will typically get you what you need. For your power users that need to administer the system and develop more complex content using the desktop tools while having 24/7 unrestricted access to the system, a named license is the best option. You can mix the types of licenses you buy combining concurrent and named users according to your needs.

Protiviti can help your company sort through the licensing options by analyzing your usage history to help you make the best decision possible.

Named Licenses

Licensing rights are tied to specific users. These named users are the only ones permitted to develop content with the desktop tools and administer the environment. They have unrestricted access to the system.

Concurrent Licenses

Licensing rights are based on the total number of simultaneous users capable of accessing the system at a given time. Concurrent users can interact with data and build content through a browser.

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