Delivering your SAP BI data where you need it most… inside

When standard Salesforce reporting just isn’t enough, turn to customized SAP Analytics

Our® Integration services bring the full potential of the SAP® BusinessObjects™ (BO) reporting and visualization platform to your portal.

Analytics is not something that should live next to your daily activities, but should instead be embedded where you do your daily work.

As a custom tab that lives inside your application, you will have seamless access and single sign-on to the power of the BusinessObjects tools without having to leave the comfort of your interface.

When standard reporting isn’t enough, you can leverage content built against your data with SAP BO tools including SAP Lumira®, SAP® Crystal Reports®, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® and more.

Not only can you leverage the integration to provide access to the standard BusinessObjects reporting interface, you can directly integrate specific report content into existing Salesforce pages giving you an “in context” view between a Saleforce object like Account and a BusinessObjects Opportunity Breakdown report for a specific account.

With our Salesforce Integration services and the BusinessObjects suite of tools, you can easily deliver visibility to Key Performance Indicators that drive your Sales and Marketing Activities.

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Seamless Integration with

  • Access, view and refresh BusinessObjects developed content within
    • Includes content developed against Salesforce and non-Salesforce data
  • Integrate specific report content into existing Salesforce pages
  • Deliver visibility to KPIs that drive your Sales & Marketing activities
  • Single sign-on to BusinessObjects from

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