Creating your BI strategy, leveraging cloud to get you there faster.

Whether you’re planning on moving all or part of your Business Intelligence environment to the cloud, answering the dreaded ‘how do I get started’ question can be complicated. Moving business critical applications and data is never as easy as it sounds.

So, what’s the first step?

Let Protiviti’s cloud experts walk you through a customized cloud strategy plan.

Our cloud strategists are some of the best in the industry, focusing on architecting and implementing SAP BusinessObjects and HANA environments in the cloud. As a 7x SAP Gold Partner of the Year, we ensure your cloud plan is equipped to meet your business critical needs today, tomorrow and in the future.

Whether you decide to move all or part of your BI environment to the cloud, or adopt a hybrid model, Protiviti’s cloud strategists review the following areas:

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Data management
  • Organizational and security
  • Resources
  • Performance

What does Protiviti’s Cloud Services provide?

A complete, beginning to end, effective, streamlined cloud plan. From latency considerations to optimization and security, Protiviti helps you maneuver the complicated road to successful cloud utilization. We handle the details, answer the pertinent questions and customize the architecture and strategy to meet your needs.

We help you answer questions like:

  • Which is best – Public, private or hybrid cloud?
  • Do I need managed services for my cloud environment?
  • How secure will my information be in the cloud?
  • Can my team support our cloud environment?
  • Should I deploy a new BI environment in the cloud or migrate my existing BI environment?
  • How will I connect to my data in the cloud?

Ensure the success of your cloud strategy by emailing Protiviti today at It’s the best way to expedite your project and guarantee optimal performance.

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