According to a recent PwC survey, 86% of CEOs report technology advances will transform their business over the next five years.

For IT that means flexibility, speed and agility are essential to the future, which point straight toward custom cloud solutions.

DFT’s custom cloud solutions provide our customers a way to carve out a cloud environment built just for their needs. Whether it’s a multi-server requirement or a need to deliver rapid prototypes with the latest SAP BI software, DFT’s Custom Cloud Solution ensures your company gets exactly what it needs.

Companies looking to integrate existing cloud environments will appreciate the flexibility this DFT cloud solution offers. Likewise, anyone needing to implement load balancing or failover procedures can find what they need with us. Disaster recovery, VPN tie-ins, and so much more are possible through DFT’s Custom Cloud solution.

Regardless of your requirements, DFT can deliver what you need, how you need it, when you need it. It’s just how we do things.

And that’s how we’ve done business for almost two decades. We’ve been supplying our customers with custom built SAP HANA and BI solutions that really work, and now we’ve expanded our reach to include SAP BI in the cloud. It’s the hassle-free approach to an effective cloud solution.

So whether your company needs multiple server boxes without support or a fully managed cloud platform DFT will deliver the right cloud plan to meet your needs.

The DFT Custom Cloud team helps you address issues like:

  • How to integrate AWS into your local network.
  • How to securely get data into AWS for BI reporting and dashboards.
  • How to secure data in the cloud end to end.
  • Obtaining training on SAP BI for dashboards, reports, visualizations, etc.

Call us at 866-569-1150 or email us at today so we can help you deliver the best possible cloud solution for your company. With DFT the possibilities are endless.