Are you looking to set up a cloud-based solution with your already procured SAP BusinessObjects licenses?

Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL) Pre-Configured Option

The Protiviti cloud experts will get you there. We have options to get you up and running immediately or can provide a custom solution that meets your unique needs.

Our SAP BO AMI, through Amazon Web Services, lets you bring your BO suite to the cloud so you can capitalize on the speed and agility a cloud solution has to offer – all without purchasing additional software, servers or IT personnel to manage them.

Our month-to-month payment plan lets you simply enter a credit card and your BusinessObjects license key to immediately gain access to the pre-configured, single box AWS cloud environment. This pre-configured solution instantly delivers cloud access to your SAP BO tools. And, if you need additional services or support for your BusinessObjects environment, Protiviti can develop a custom services and support program to meet your needs.

With no software or hardware installations, no additional license costs and a month-to-month payment option, our pre-configured BYOL option is the easy, flexible and low risk way to deliver optimal cloud results.

BYOL Custom Configuration Option

For customers with BO licenses needing a custom configuration, Protiviti cloud experts provide options that will meet your unique requirements. Whether it’s architecting your environment, migrating your data or optimizing BO in the cloud, our Cloud Services team delivers effective, proven cloud solutions through Amazon Web Services.


We help clients answer questions such as:

  • How many servers do you need?
  • Whether to keep your data on premise or in the cloud?
  • How to connect to the cloud? VPN? Fiber?
  • How to maximize connection speeds?
  • How to secure your data in the cloud?

Don’t let the many cloud options overwhelm you. Tap into Protiviti’s talent and expertise. We can get your cloud environment up and running smoothly. It’s the low-risk way to start your move to the cloud.

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