What is BI in the cloud?

It’s the perfect marriage of delivering the right information to the right people at the right time coupled with the speed and agility provided by the cloud.

Protiviti, in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP, and full-service hosting partners provides cloud analytics strategy, hosting, deployment and management to companies of all sizes.

Utilizing various licensing scenarios for SAP’s products delivered through the Amazon Web Services or other cloud partners gives our clients immediate access to the SAP BusinessObjects suite of BI tools, including: operational reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, dashboards and visualizations, data exploration and more. Protiviti’s cloud clients experience impressive deployment speeds, limitless scalability and elasticity, ease of use and the ability to share that information across your enterprise.

And it creates an independent analytics environment in which any user can automatically analyze given data sets, complete with standard visualizations. Individual departments or divisions can now manage their own BI without tapping into IT personnel, budget or infrastructure.


So what does that mean to you?

  • Independence and autonomy for anyone wanting to utilize sales, marketing, financial or operational data without buying hardware or impacting infrastructure.
  • Greater flexibility to accommodate sudden increases or decreases in the number of users.
  • Accessing BI apps from any browser on any mobile device.
  • Easy budget approval through operational expense model.

        Protiviti’s Cloud Solutions Mean Freedom!

Protiviti’s Cloud Offerings Include:

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